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Grape Skin Tannin

GrapEX Grape Skin Tannin is available in an ethanol based solution to provide shelf stability and to have minimal dilution effect on the alcohol content in the wine.

Wines made with this product have increased mellowness and softness and are described as supple, and have an improved complexity and tannin structure. Taste encompasses the whole pallet rather than on localized areas of the pallet. Less bitter, green, and aggressive than wood derived tannins, they are excellent in providing additional body & structure to wines.


  • pre/post fermentation
  • pre/post malo-lactic fermentation
  • post blending
  • post fining
  • pre-bottling

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from the best marc in the WORLD
  • Easily available in Canada
    (Inventory in BC)
  • Derived from red wine grapes
  • Improves quality of red wines
  • Unique way of contributing to visual
    appeal of red wines.
  • The only 100% condensed tannins on
    the market.
  • An innovative way of winemaking.
  • Industry standard testing.
  • Excellent Technical Support
  • Long History